Bakeware Silicone Pan for Cakes

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Bakeware Silicone Pan for Cakes.

This bakeware silicone pan for cakes is perfect for making any tpe of cakes with the perfect measurement of slices.

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Bakeware Silicone Pan for Cakes.

High quality silicone material, and certificated. So it is reusable and very durable. The cake pan has 8 independent parts. You can use different ingredients at the same time so everyone can enjoy their favorite taste. Compared with traditional baking molds, non-stick surface handling will release food easily and baked goods are easy to eject.

High temperature and frost resistance, it can be safely used in:

  • ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, refrigerators and freezer.

It can be used to bake cakes or biscuits, ice making and homemade desserts and also great for mousse or jelly or pudding or fruit pie and soap